Captain America 4 Is Finally Confirmed | Steve Rogers Return ?

    What will be the title?name of Captain America 4 movie?

    Hello my dear MCU fans! How are you? I hope you are well. By the way guys, today i am talking about Captain America 4 announcement, Captain America 4 cast, Chris Evans Captain America 4.  
    Captain America 4

    Captain America 4 Is Finally Confirmed 

    In this article, i am going to know you about Captain America 4 avengers movie. What will Chris Evans do in Captain America 4 movie? Or Anthony Mackie will be in the main role. Every MCU fans know that Chris Evans grew up in the movie Avengers: The End Game. Chris Evans doesn't leave all the stones in their place at the moment. However, I confirm the news that Captain America 4 will come. Now the thing is if Chris Evans gets stuck then Captain America will be in the main role in the movie. We've seen Anthony Mackie  as Captain America in the Falcon and the Winter Soldier series. 
    Captain America 4
    Anthony Mackey was asked in an interview with Extra TV if he was filming, to which he replied, "No, I haven't started filming yet, I'll start in a few weeks. [I eat] lots of vegetables and chicken breast." However, there is confusion as to which project the question is related to and now it seems he is actually referring to his upcoming shoot in the Peacock series Twisted Metal and not the sequel to Captain America.

    Steve Rogers Return ?

    When it was originally announced that Chris Evans would step down from the role of Captain America following the Avengers: Endgame, there was a question as to who would play the role in the future. Although some wanted to see Steve Rogers' old friend Baki Burns take the mantle, the friendship between Rogers and Wilson grew in numerous movies, suggesting that Wilson would be the one to whom Steve would inherit the first Avenger.

    Doubts, however, were raised about Wilson's role, in short, allowing the ego-centric John Walker to take ownership of The Falcon and Winter Soldier. His actions during the series made it clear that he was not well-suited for the role, and Wilson soon took on the role of Captain America. While obviously a lot of people want to see Sam Wilson in his role of Captain America again, it seems there is still something to be done.

    Captain America 4 Cast

    Other members of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier cast could join Mackie on the big screen, especially if the movie replaces the second series. Should the updated title screen be used as the title of the movie, we can expect Sebastian Stan's burns to appear. Despite the rough start, Bucky and Sam have resolved their differences, so it would be understandable for Sam to enlist the help of a super soldier against his latest enemy. Earlier this year, there were rumors that Chris Evans might return as Captain America, following his supposed departure from the Avengers: Endgame franchise. When Evans returns, it is understood that this will be the fourth Captain America movie. Emily Vancamp's Sharon Carter and Watt Russell's John Walker aka US Agent may also be present. 
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