Free Fire Profile Bangladesh & India Flag Code

Free Fire Profile Bangladesh & India Flag Code 

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By the way guys today i am talking about Free Fire Bangladesh & India Flag Code.
 free fire profile bangladeshi flag code, [006747]■[da291c]■[006747]■ [ffffff],bangladesh flag code free fire,free fire profile flag,[ff9933]■[ffffff]■[138808]■ [ffffff],india flag code in free fire.

A lot of free fire players, they want to add their country flag in their free fire profile. In this article, i am going to give you free fire Bangladesh, India free fire flag code for add your nationality in your free fire profile. Now we can add our nation flag in our Free Fire Profile

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So it is a big benefit. When you add your national flag in your Free Fire profile , You friends can understand which country you are from. Then, you can represent your country. In this post, i am going to learn you, how to add country flag in your free fire profile for your id status. Now i will teach you how to add your national flag in your free fire profile. First You have to need free fire profile Bangladesh and India flag code. Not Tension ,I will give you it. 
Ok First Step, Go to your free fire profile & When you go to your free fire account, you can saw this option, below 

 2nd step.

Now you can saw a basic settings. look the below and click the arrow icon.

 3rd Step: When you see this option. now you click this icon. you can saw text edit option. Now main things here. 

First if you are Bangladeshi and Indian free fire players,  Copy the below Code and paste here.

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Bangladesh FF Flag Code : [006747]■[DA291C]■[006747]■ [FFFFFF]

Indian FF Flag Code           :  [FF9933]■[FFFFFF]■[138808]■ [FFFFFF]

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If your Indian Copy Indian code and paste there. Below the same to same. Look ate the picture below.

 ok sir. You are successed. Because yor are boss. See it.

 Thanks you so much sir for coming our site. 

If you do not understand . Now you can watch this Video. 



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